I/O, sensors/input and outputs, tools, arduino.cc

Please write down when you take! Book at one of the tables in the Stofftrykksalen where we meet.

*Projects and code at http://www.arduino.cc,
*Tutorials in arduino at http://www.ladyada.net/learn/arduino/
*Lilypad http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoLilyPad

*Birgitta AHO’s in red sparkfun box
temperature (10)
bend (4)
weight (4)
LDR light sensors(10))

lilypad microcontrollers (4)
programmers (2)
cables (2)

Conductive threads(
dark grey (2 roles)

*Hege KHIO
LED’s (
3 mm warm-white (168), white red, 5 mm white, red, blue)

4 different conductive fabrics

conductive threads
light grey for «knitting» (2 kones à 1 kg)

dark grey 3 roles

black and white thin cables

different colours and types of coppertreads  and steeltreads

silk/steel 80/20

* Anders’  in transp arent boxes, possible to borrow or pay for

Tilt switch (10)
LDR light sensors big (2), small (10)
Potentiometers (20)
Slider (1)
Accelerometers x-y-z (4)
Knock piezo (10)
Weight (1)
Temperature (10)

Resistors( 10k to analogue sensors like knitted with conductive threds, 82OHM, 32OHM, ++)

5 mm white, orange, red, green, 10mm white, red

Conductive tape (2)

Arduino (

328 board (1)

168 (1)

USB kable (1)

Tools (
crokodile cables (30), Soldering iron, Multimeter for measuring conductivity, breadbords for putting components in to test (3)


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