Many leds in series connected to arduino pwm

Do you want to power many leds? You can with this setup have approximately 30 leds per arduino.


many leds to arduino pwm circuit


Fredrik made a circuit for arduino pwm (dimmer) for 10-15 leds. See image of circuit. To power the circut you need external power (5-12 v transformator ) that you connect to the black round power input on the arduino (left bellow usb).  The external power in to arduino can beused from pin named «Vin» on Duemilla or 9 v on older arduinos (see red cable in image, connected further to + on the bread board). You will also need a transistor connected from one of the pwm pin 9, 10, or 11 (silver round with 3 legs, 2N2222). How to connect see schematics in second image:

transistor connections for many leds on arduino

Fredrik uses pwm pin 9 (white cable). A potentiometer connected to analogue 0 (zero) controls the resistance and dimming of all the leds). Fredrik recommends 10 leds per transistor and pwm channel. That means that you with 3 pwm channels can power approximataly 30 leds per arduino.

Schematics for circuit:


Schematics for powering many leds with arduino



One response to “Many leds in series connected to arduino pwm

  1. How to figure out how many leds you can use in series and parallel?
    Use the led wizard:

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